Women Who Groove

women who groove

Women Who Groove laugh a lot while making wonderful music using African and Brazilian drums. Participants learn and perform songs unique to the group as well as songs played by drumHeart. WWG members who aspire to join the performance ensemble will be well prepared to audition. Many prefer the light and lively culture of Women Who Groove and stay with the group while continuing to advance their skills with a broader range of instruments and opportunities to develop song leadership skills. The instructor, Bettie, provides practice videos of song parts so that members can reinforce their learning between weekly sessions. WWG also have opportunities to perform for special events throughout the year.

Prerequisite: Previous drumming experience or Hand Drumming for Beginners.

Date: Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:15pm

Cost: $15 per session

Instructor: Bettie Seitzer

Location: Women’s Drum Center
Parking on street. Please enter side door on Hampden Av. (ring WDC bell).

To take the class:

  1. Register
    • Registration is required at least 2 days in advance of class.
    • Register by email to reserve your place with your name and phone/cell number (in case of event changes): info@womensdrumcenter.net
  2. Pay
    • Pay by cash or check at the event.
    • Pay online using the PayPal Button below. Select the number of classes you want to pay in advance by entering that number in the "Number of Classes" box. To cover the PayPal processing fees, click the add 4% to your purchase box.
Estimated cost: $15.00

Before heading to event: Check our Facebook page for any last-minute event news or cancellations. www.facebook.com/womensdrumcenter