Drumming Test Drive Week: September 17-23

The Women's Drum Center invites you to try out our classes during a super special week-long "test drive" event. During the week of September 17-23 you are invited to attend participating, new-to-you classes for free. Attend as many of the featured classes you've never taken before as you like, all we ask is that you come prepared to have fun and let us know what you think of the classes you attend! We'll supply the drums (but feel free to bring your drum if you have one). If you're a WDC regular, the test drive applies to classes you have not attended before. (Hey, you already know you love the ones you're in!) Pass the word on and let your friends who have been meaning to try a WDC class know, now is the time!

Registration is required. All classes are women only (unless otherwise noted), age 16 and over. Registrations will be accepted for each class until they are at full capacity.

All classes and the Test Drive Week closing Performance Showcase will be held at the Women’s Drum Center Studio.

To Register:

The classes available for your consideration are:

West African Drumming 1 (Co-ed): Sun, Sep 17, 10:30am
Level: Beginner
Instructor Dan Engebretson leads this introduction to West African drums, techniques, and rhythms.

West African Drumming 2 (Co-ed): Sun, Sep 17, 11:30am
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
An advanced class, with instructor Dan Engebretson, explores the polyrhythmic djembe patterns of West Africa. With accompaniment rhythms, breaks, and arrangement phrases for both traditional and modern West African rhythms.

*FULL* Hand Drum for Beginners: Tuesday, September 19, 5:30pm
(Test Drive Class Full! Waiting list available.)
Level: Beginner
In this entry level class students will learn the basics of African drumming with careful attention to developing proper technique and ergonomics. Bettie Seitzer teaches students how to read several different notation systems that do not require any experience with reading music.

*FULL* Women Who Groove: Tuesday, September 19, 6:30pm
(Test Drive Class Full! Waiting list available.)
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Women Who Groove learn West African Drum Songs and Brazilian songs. Bettie Seitzer focuses on proper technique and musical expression, while making sure each session is fun and energetic; participants often refer to themselves as "Women Who Grin".

Waiting List available in case of participant cancellation or future class-specific Test Drive. The instructor will contact list members with possible options.

Health Rhythms Empowerment Drumming: Wednesday, September 20, 12:00pm
Level: No experience required
Lori Schmidt leads this circle, a variety of drums and percussion instruments are available and participants are invited to express themselves freely. Participation in this circle can provide a sense of stress relief and the joy of connecting with others through the creation of sound and music.

Hand Drum Basics: Wednesday, Sep 20, 1:15pm
Level: Beginner
Instructor Marisa Cuneo-Linsley says “No pressure just fun!" This class is for the “beginner beginners.” This class offers the basics of hand drumming “djembe style," and will focus on proper technique along with teaching patterns and layered rhythms.

Drum Basics Plus: Wednesday, Sep 20, 10:30a
Level: Beginner to Advanced Beginner
Instructor Marisa Cuneo-Linsley guides participants as they explore both hand and stick drumming with African and Brazilian influences to build technique and have fun playing as an ensemble.

grooveHeart: Wednesday, September 20, 5:45pm
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
This class focuses on both stick and hand drumming techniques. Participants will learn arrangements in preparation for performing as an ensemble. Marisa Cuneo-Linsley teaches songs that are long standing selections from the Women's Drum Center repertoire. Music is derived from the African, Brazilian, and Caribbean traditions.

Djoyful Djuns and Djembe, Level 2: Wednesday, September 20, 7:15pm
Level: Intermediate
This class combines creative movement with the beautiful sounds of traditional African pieces using Djuns and Djembes. Marisa Cuneo-Linsley places an emphasis on performance, preparing the group to perform at special events throughout the year.

drumHeart rehearsal: Thursday, September 21, 7:00pm
Level: Advanced, membership by audition
Rehearsal will be open for observation, a great opportunity to consider whether participation in drumHeart might be a goal you would like to work toward. Kathy Crocket leads this performance ensemble of the Women's Drum Center; the ensemble plays a wide variety of music, some of which has been composed by former music directors of the center.

Didn't get a chance to take a class, but want to see what the WDC classes are up to? Come to our class showcase and recital on September 23rd at the WDC Studio at 6:30pm. Families welcome!