Djembe Diyamu / West African II

Africa has a rich and diverse culture of music, dance, and drumming. In this ongoing co-ed class, we will explore the polyrhythmic patterns of West Africa and learn accompaniment rhythms, breaks, and arrangement phrases for both traditional and modern West African rhythms. You will also learn the meaning and cultural history of the rhythms, we’ll focus on different exercises to improve your playing, and explore a variety of West African hand and stick drums and drumming techniques - including djembe, djun (dunun), and small percussion.

Prerequisite: Hand Drum for Beginners, West African Drumming 1, or equivalent experience

Level: Intermediate to advanced drummers

Date: Sundays 11:30am-1pm

Cost: $15 per participant / per class session

Instructor: Dan Engebretson

Location: Women’s Drum Center
Parking on street. Please enter side door on Hampden Av. (ring WDC bell).

To take the class:

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Estimated cost: $15.00

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