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-History of MWDG in Minnesota

-AnchorWorkshops organized by the WDC

-Tree Information - Local and International agencies

-AnchorTrees Used for instruments

-Instruments made of Trees

-Resources - information, books, videos and more

-The Dreams of Trees (poem)


AnchorHistory of our journey with the Million Women Drummers Gathering MN vision

Actions between 2010 - 2013

-Drum circles focused on honoring trees
-Tree Plantings
-Facebook page to communicate Nationally and Internationally
-Connecting with women drummers across the state of Minnesota
-Bringing Ubaka Hill to Minnesota - We brought Ubaka Hill to Minnesota the week of August 20th - 25th 2012,  for “Meet and Greets” in Alexandria Mn. and Two Harbors Mn.,  a Workshop in St. Paul  and a Concert in St. Paul
-Hosted “Rhythms of Trees Festival” Gathering - unified celebration with Ubaka Hill’s Gathering in New York and other National gatherings on October 13, 2013.  “For the Love of Trees and Drums.”

Workshops organized by the WDC

Drum making Workshops

          Frame Drum Making Workshop with Wayne Manthey
          Djembe Making Workshop with Nels Linde

Craft Workshops

          Drum Tree Woman Doll making workshop
          Circle of Trees

Performance Workshops

          History of the Riq, Tambourine, Frame Drum
          History of the Wood used for Drum Sticks and Drum sets 

Tree Education Workshops

          Tree-Water-Drum Instructors WILFP arts committee Mn. 

Drum Circles

          Rhythms for the Trees - Ubaka songs   
          Girls Million Women Drummers circle

Two Magazine articles:

Magazine: Peace and Freedom - Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Spring 2013, Volume 73, No. 1
Article Title: Million Women Drummers March

Magazine: Minnesota Women’s Press, October 2013, Volume 29, Issue 10
Article Title: A forest, the heartbeat of the drums

AnchorLocal Agencies with information About Tree Planting

-Arbor Day Foundation - 1-888-448-7337
-Minneapolis Forestry Department U of M, Extension  Office
-Minneapolis Parks an Rec. Departments - 612-230-6400 / Forestry - 612-313-7715
-Minnesota Tree Care Advisory - U of M - 612-625-2361
-Minnesota DNR
-St. Paul Park and Rec. Department - 651-632-5129
-Tree Trust - 612-521-8938

Two international entities that monitor trees around the world

CITIES: Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species IUCN: International Union for Conservation of Nature  -  Global environmental issues

Some reasons for the decline of Trees: Natural disasters, Insects, Land management, Building things, Firewood, and Coal for cooking.  If you have things to add let us know.

AnchorTrees Used for instruments

Ash - Canada / US
Birch - Canada / US
Black Walnut - Canada / US
Cedar - Canada / US
Cherry - Canada / US
Djala or called Acajou / Africa
Dougoura - Africa
Guenou - Africa
Iroko (African Teak) - Africa - most common Ivory Coast Drum wood.  This tree is listed as vulnerable because it is being harvested faster than it is currently being replenished.  Not surprising since these are long living trees and can grow as big as American Redwood.
Lengue - Africa
Mahogany - Tropical
Mango - Tropical
Maple - Canada / US
Melina - Africa
Padauk or Padouk / Africa
Pine - Canada / US
Poplar - Canada / US
Rubber Tree - Tropical
Shesham - Pakistan
Shore - Africa
Tweneboa - Africa
Willow - Canada / US

**Newer woods being used - Cordyla pinnata called - Doukie, Dougura or Bush Mango.  It has little commercial use but looks like lengue and makes good drums

Instruments made of Trees

Popular Hand Drums: Djembe, Conga, Ashiko, Bata, Cohon, Frame, Pahu
Dundun (African Bass Drums)
Taiko (Japanese Drums)
Drum Sets
Drum Sticks, Mallets
Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Piano
Upright Bass
Tongue Drum

If you know of others let us know.

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