MWDG-MN at WDC Continues

Ubaka Hill

A National /Global Connection - Million Women Drummers Gathering
“For the Love of Trees and Drums”

MWDG-MN at WDC Continues

Our vision:  To honor what our drums are made from - “TREES”

Our intention:  To be “awake” and “aware” about the connections between trees and our drums and percussion instruments, and to have gratitude for all that trees offer to music and the health of the world/planet!  Follow us on Facebook

From Ubaka Hill:

What is the connection of Trees to Drumming?

“As women and kin who love our drums, we are aware that trees are cut to make our drums possible. We know that the quality of air, the health of our environment and our overall well-being depends upon living trees. We express our gratitude for the wood of the drums we love, a gift from Mother Earth, by each of us planting a single tree. Planting a million trees worldwide increases the awareness of our symbiotic relationship with trees, the lungs of our Mother Earth, and our love for these trees that provide us with so much, including the drums for which we have such passion. A million women and kin can birth a forest of trees for the health of the world, for a sustainable future for all our relations, and for the life force that comes alive through our drums.”

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Vision and Statements from Ubaka Hill that inspire us:

“To sustain Trees is to sustain Drums.”  Ubaka Hill

“Our drums along with other wood instruments come from trees.  We want to honor where our drums come from”.  Ubaka Hill

l model that includes planting trees. Vision statement: “I have a drum - I plant a tree.” “I am ready for my drum so it is time for me to plant a tree.”  Ubaka Hill

“Through this process and initiative, let’s build on our community of drummers, musicians, listeners, and environmentalists that care about trees.  We will do this through relationships and collaborations in events that support trees and music." Ubaka Hill

“We know that drums are trees, but what does that mean for our sustainable environment, our behaviors, attitude, and our commitment to the trees?  We want to ensure that we will sustain the instruments and music for future generations.”  Ubaka Hill

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