During the workshop, students will go through a fun series of exercises that reinforce hand drum playing technique, including the bass, open and slap sounds as well as an introduction to playing a drum solo.
The session will also explore the popular Ghanaian rhythm called 'Gahu'.  This is a celebratory music and dance played primarily by the Ewe people who live along the Eastern border of the country and even extend into neighboring Togo and Benin.  The structure of the 'Gahu' ensemble includes the timeline, supporting drums and a master drum sequence.  Although traditionally played on stick drums, this will be adapted to be played with hands on the djembe drums.
Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of drum music in Africa, tools to further develop playing technique and knowledge of a traditional Ghanaian rhythm.
Jay Stoller Bio:
Jay is an African drumming specialist, studying this field over the past 26 years.  He holds a B.P.E., B.ED. as well as a Diploma in African Music from the University of Ghana.  Living and studying drumming in Ghana for 4 years has given him an insightful understanding of African music and culture that he has been sharing this with school students, and adults in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario over the past 18 years. 
He has performed across Canada as well as in Mexico, Israel, the United States and Mozambique.  He currently performs with African percussion group Bafana, Trio Afrique, the Ghanaian Cultural Dancers, and is also the musical director and lead drummer for Nafro Dance Productions.
Jay teaches adult group classes throughout the year, and operates and performs with the global team building organization Drum Café.  In addition, Jay accompanies dance classes at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Winnipeg's School of Contemporary Dancers.  He is currently organizing his 5th drum and dance tour to Ghana for January, 2017.
This is a co-ed workshop.
Date: September 3rd
Time:  2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  (Snacks will be provided at the break)
Fee:  $50 (one session)
Location:  The Women's Drum Center 
Register and pay online or let us know you are coming by emailing info@womensdrumcenter.net.
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