Dun Duns with Djembe Drum Circle


They have a language of their own that compliments the djembe beautifully. They are a versatile instrument that can sing the melody or provide the accompaniment. Dun duns are often played as a family of three. The kenkeni is the smallest and highest pitched; it is often played with a bell. The sangban in the middle typically carries the melody. And the largest, the doundounba, has the deepest voice and usually provides the underlying support rhythm. They are meant to be played together, and yet sound equally beautiful on their own. 

This circle will focus on the beautiful tones of the African drums. Traditional rhythms will be taught combining dun duns and djembe, but there will also be a focus on creating our own rhythms, expression and experience with these drums.

Instructor: Marisa Cuneo-Linsly

Assistant: Jen Mott

Dun Dun Djembe Circle - 7:00-8:30 PM   Fee: $10

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**Preregistration is required at least 2 days in advance. Preregistration can be completed by paying below or by emailing/calling us at info@womensdrumcenter.net / 651-206-7617.  Payment will then be accepted during class.

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