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MWDG-MN at WDC: Million Women Drummers Gathering
The Million Women Drummers Gathering (and MWDG groups around the U.S.) work to share their ideals: To be “awake” and “aware” about the connections between trees and our drums and percussion instruments, and to have gratitude for all that trees offer to music and the health of the world/planet!

Duniya Drum + Dance
Duniya Drum and Dance exists to build a diverse community in support of the arts of the African Diaspora, specifically drum and dance. Duniya strives to provide a platform for artists to offer educational opportunities to a broad audience.

Groth Music
Great venue in the Twin Cities for purchasing percussion instruments. They also offer periodic classes and workshops.

The Rhythm Reference Project
Listen instantly to djembe or dundun parts- Over 500 parts for djembe and dundun. Easily and instantly accessible on your mp3 players. Recorded in amazing studio quality by master drummer, Fara Toino, former lead drummer of Les Merveilles de Guinea.

Ellis Drum Shop
A welcoming drum store in St. Paul full of wonderful percussion instruments. They also run periodic drumming classes.

Hawkdancing Studios
The very talented Nels Linde makes many of the drums sold here -- a variety of Middle Eastern and African drums, and even bottle drums. These are excellent quality drums - with great sound.

Worldwide Drums
An online store for Djembe drums and more.

Catskill Mountain Women's World Drum & Percussion Happenin'
This is an amazing annual women's drumming event in Woodstock, NY. If you can make it, go!

World Drums
Our former executive director, Lee, has one of the fabulous box drums made by Paul Namkung, the creator of World Drums. Let Paul know that Lee Scholder from the Women's Drum Center sent you!

Hiawatha Drum & Dance Jam
First Saturday of every month. 7:30pm - 10:00pm- DRUM JAM! Lake Hiawatha Recreation Center.

Tuesday Tambourine
Based on Layne Redmond's Giving Birth to Ourselves intensive. NEAR ROSEVILLE (please call for directions), ongoing $15. Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 p.m. Participants will need to bring their own tambourines. Contact/Info 612-859-1583.

Live Where You Are
Live Where You Are offers a shamanic approach to Life for all Peoples and holds shamanic drumming events.

Kenne Thomas
A fabulous hand drummer and friend of the Women's Drum Center.

Drumming The Soul Awake
Jaime Meyer's wonderful drum circle.

The Lab: an Arts & Wellness-based program of Saint Paul Public Schools
Help the Lab raise money to hire local guest artists! Shop at Linder's Garden Center or Barnes & Noble on Mother's Day weekend.

Shake and Rattle
"Shake and Rattle" is the work of Atlanta-area veteran conga player, percussionist and drummer Thomas Hood. "My goal is to offer you the finest custom hand-crafted Shekeres on the market. Period."

Sheltered Reality
Sheltered Reality (SR) has dedicated itself to being a youth-oriented project, where youth members in SR use music and education as a way to reach out to audiences, motivating them to advocate for those in need, especially children and families.

Red Eagle Drums
They are located in west-central MN, offers workshops in Drum Making, Beading, and Rawhide Painting. Artisans can create a variety of specialty items; and will accept hides for handcrafting a unique and personalized, keepsake drum.

Wayne Manthey Drummaker
Wayne hosts drummaking workshops. He guides you step by step as you make the drum that lives within your heart.

X8 Drums
The mission of X8 Drums & Percussion, Inc. is to provide our customers the ultimate interactive shopping experience of world percussion musical instruments. We are committed to providing superior customer service, strong product knowledge, exceptional video demos, and the best selection of high quality products.

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