Djembe Djam

This class is for people who have some basic hand drum technique and want to apply it in a very fun environment. Good technique is essential to playing the hand drums well. But technique and groove need to coexist.

We will learn:

  • to feel the rhythm and really groove to current pop songs, oldies and any fun music that the class wants to play to.
  • how to adapt African and Brazilian hand drum technique to a more Western pop/rock feel.
  • how to develop our own patterns to complement the music.

And if you love to sing or play guitar there will be an opportunity to play to live music! There will be improvisation opportunities (I know it sounds scary, but it is so fun and really frees up your creativity and helps you to be more free in life). We will also sing while playing, which really helps rhythmic timing.

You will be stretched in this class but your skills will improve dramatically and you will have so much fun!  

Dates: Third Saturday of each month

  • Saturday, March 21st / 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm 

Fee:  sliding scale $10-$15

Instructor: Chantise Hunt

**Preregistration is required at least 2 days in advance. Preregistration can be completed by by emailing/calling us at / 651-206-7617. Payment will be accepted during class.

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Women's Drum Center
2242 University Ave West
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