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Board of Directors

Would you like to be a part of our wonderful Women's Drum Center?

Come be a board member! There are typically 10 meetings a year, with each meeting lasting approximately 2 hours. Click here for a job description. Please contact Marisa Cuneo-Linsly at 651-235-7858 if you would like to inquire.

2018 Meetings:

Board meets the third Monday of the month, 6:30 – 8:30 at the WDC

**For a copy of board minutes, please contact us.**


  • Bettie Seitzer

  • Wendy Jedlicka

  • Susan Anderson

  • Nancy Doyle

  • Kristine Kosek

  • Lin Nelson-Mayson

  • 1


Contractors (part-time staff):

WDC Marketer - Wendy Jedlicka (since 2016)

Administrative Assistant for drumHeart - Helen Buron (since 2018)

Web Masters - P. McCabe and S. Minor (since 2016)


Kathy Crockett – Music Director (since 2017), Marisa Cuneo-Linsly (since 2008), Wendy Jedlicka (since 2014), Bettie Seitzer (since 2016), Jo Klein (since 2012), Lori Schmidt (since 2016)

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