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This poem is in honor of our first "Rhythms for the Trees" Festival, October 2013.


The Dreams of Trees

A cantata to be chanted or read out
loud in the presence of trees.


Hospitably, you
permit us entrance
to your home, the Forest,
and what we call our garden,
your living room.
Naturally, you allow our kind
to walk among you,
fearful or forgiving,
remembering our uses
of your kind -


This paper I write on.
The pencil with which
I write of you.
The chair on which
I sit to write of you.
The book I read.
The newspaper.
Toilet paper.
Towels and tissues.
Picture frames and pictures.
Statues. Spoons. Cups
and bowels and platters and
trays and tables.
Toothpicks and napkins.
Bills. Receipts.
Reports. Contracts.
Wills and Testaments
Coffins and Christmas trees.


All sorts of notices
and permits.
Train tickets.
Plane tickets.
Bus tickets.
Boxes and boxcars.
Parts of trains and
planes and buses and cars and carts
and bikes and boats and
rafts and barges.
Stages and bridges.
And canoes. Paddles and oars.


Matches and match boxes.
Tools to cut firewood
and make statues
and pictures and bridges,
bird feeders and
telephone poles.


Also -- houses, banks, churches,
museums, concert halls, hotels,
restaurants, baseball stadiums,
restrooms, snack stands and
food containers.


Baseball bats,
golf clubs,
paint brushes.
Shoes to walk,
work, play and
dance in.


Violas, violins, pianos,
cellos, harps and drums.
Ballet barres and ballroom floors.


My whole house!
Furniture everywhere.
Radios and television
sets and picnic tables
in particular.
Umbrella handles
and lamps
and walking sticks
and canes.


Trees, my life is made of you!
Precious companions!


You living beings, cousins,
children of God and Earthkeepers,
breathe among us forever!
      (repeat this line to the end)


In all the forms we humans
shape you, you remain trees.
You remember your God-shaped
essential selves. With the grace
of your original forms
your shadows fill our lives.


Nobles in our midst, you wait.
I now acknowledge you, say Grace
for you with each remembrance.
Of all our kin you are the most
taken from, old and young.


I hear you, beautiful Ones,
noble Ones, beloved Ones,
waiting, waiting (repeat, echoing)
for our acknowledgement. (silence)
I blow to your long graceful
bodies of wood.
Accept this offering
of thanks and praise!
     (breathe among us forever....)


Alla Renée Bozarth
Accidental Wisdom, iUniverse 2003

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