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Job Description

The Board of Directors of the Women’s Drum Center acts in cooperation with the Executive Director, Music Director and Volunteer committee’s to further the mission of the organization.

Board members shall serve a two year term. There will be a minimum of 4 board meetings a year. One of the meetings is the annual meeting that our supporting community is invited to attend. At the annual meeting information about what happened over year is discussed. It is also a time for anyone to offer feedback and suggestions to, for and about the center.

Board responsibilities:

To support the center by:

-attending 3 board meetings per year

-attending 1 Annual Meeting per year

-offer skills that will enhance the Women's Drum Center

-attending 2 events or performances/gigs per year - offerings on website

-contributing financially according to one’s means/or offer your time (volunteer) for projects or events

To establish long-range goals and guide organizational planning

To develop general administration policies

To participate in fundraising

To oversee financial resources

-review and approve budget

-determine and approve staff salaries

-monitor cash flow throughout the fiscal year

-decide on banking establishment

To review monthly financial and program reports and provide marketing, business, legal, programming or financial council when requested or needed.

To be an advocate of the Women’s Drum Center To disclose past and current work relationships that may seem like a conflict of interest with the WDC.


Contact Us

(651) 206-7617

Women's Drum Center
2242 University Ave West
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114, USA


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